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The Polish Club Cracovia serves as a home for those who left Poland a long time ago but need to have a place where they can feel like being back at home without leaving the Australian soil. It also provides a special place for those who have never seen Poland and know very little about their heritage or parents’ country of origin. The majority of people declaring a Polish origin in Western Australia were not born in Poland. This is the part of Polish society that requires more attention in the sense of trying to bring them closer to Cracovia in order to maintain Polish traditions and most of all to ensure that their Polish identity will be passed to the next generations. There is a significant and continuously growing group of young people for whom Poland is associated with holidays and nostalgic memories of their parents. The future of the club depends on these people and they are the ones that the club needs and is trying to attract.

Over the last 15 years the number of the club’s members has been declining steadily. At the moment there are only 4 living members left out of the original founders and 61 members of the post-war emigration. Their children and the “new” polish migrants being far better educated adapted quickly to the Australian lifestyle and culture. The language is no longer the primary reason to become the Club member.
The changing fabric of polish community in Perth and ongoing evolution results in different requirements and expectations in relation to the Club. This presents for Cracovia an enormous challenge and requires continues work in order to reach new members.

At the same time it has been recognised that Cracovia, in order to survive and prosper, cannot be isolated and only dedicated to a polish speaking community. It has to have an open door policy for every one of polish origin and other communities who is willing to join. This and only this approach can guarantee that the Club will prosper for many years to come and it will develop a higher profile.

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